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International Team

  The International Team offers support and guidance for international students, sponsors and other organizations over a range of University matters.


    The team is subdivided into the International Office and the International Relations department.


    International Office

    The International Office:

    ◇ leads on overseas recruitment activities and the conversion of international students;

    ◇ liaises with overseas agents;

    ◇ provides guidance on international qualifications.


    International Relations

    The International Relations department:

    ◇ supports international students;

    ◇ manages the Study Abroad Unit;

    ◇ assists inward and outward student mobility, recruitment and guidance for fee-paying short-term students;

    ◇ coordinates the international student experience;

    ◇ runs an orientation plan for new arrivals welcoming them to China, Chongqing Institute of Engineering and campus life.

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