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About CQIE

Chongqing Institute of Engineering(CQIE), approved by the Ministry of Education in May 2014, based on the original Zhengda Software School, is a full-time regular undergraduate institution which is characterized by Software, Electronic information, Game and Anime, Economic Management, arts and other professional majors. CQIE has always insisted on the unique school-running mode of “university-enterprise cooperation and production-education combination”. CQIE cultivates a large number of applied and skilled talents with high quality, who have met the social needs for software engineering, internet engineering, networking engineering, electronic information engineering, information security, cloud computing, digital media arts, game animation design, game and animation design and production, electronic commerce, marketing management, financial management and information services.

CQIE is a capable and multi-functional institute with Nanquan and Shuangqiao two campuses, covering 765 acres. Building area is more than 300,000 square meters. Its total assets are worth 610 million. The institute library has a collection of 705 thousand paper books and 580 thousand e-books. Currently there are more than 9000 full-time students. In CQIE, there are 6 faculties, including software school, the school of electronic and information, media art school, school of management, college of general education and school of continuing education. CQIE offers 31 specialties to undergraduates and recruits students from the whole country.

Currently there are 490 full-time teachers. 176 teachers have obtained senior professional titles (36 are professors, and 138 are associate professors), accounting for 36% of full-time teachers; 197 have a master or above graduate degree, accounting for 40% of full-time teachers; 224 are the double teachers, accounting for 45.7% of full-time teachers. In addition, CQIE employs 128 part-time internship mentors who work on the enterprise line. Among our faculty, three are experts who have enjoyed special government allowances of the state council, one is the national model teacher, four are the academic leaders in chongqing.

There is modern teaching building, practice building, library, electronic reading- room, computer network center, academic hall, students' quality education center, college students business incubators, students apartments and standardized plastic stadium. The practice bases in CQIE is 33450 square meters, and the teaching instruments and equipment totally worth 95.6266 million yuan. There are domestic leading robotics laboratory, apple development experiment, animation and motion capture lab,animation dubbing lab, baidu network marketing training room, inspection and maintenance lab of laptop all-in-one.

Beautiful campus environment, modern digital campus, the unique personnel training mode of “university-enterprise cooperation and production-education combination”, and tight orders for employment. In recent years, all of those contribute to the over 95% one-time employment rate of our graduates. “ Freely, fish enjoys a good swim in broad ocean and bird soars in clean sky.” CQIE will firmly grasp the development space of science and technology progress and the historic opportunity that our country and chongqing strives to develop the electronic information industry. CQIE will stride forward toward its goal of running a distinctive and high-level application-oriented institute.

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