The third session of CQIE entrepreneurship lecture hall

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Interpretor : Xiaolong Shi

This net(text、picture / Innovation and entrepreneurship park Xinyi Yu) On the afternoon of April 2, the third session of  CQIE entrepreneurship lecture hall was started. Peijie Xu, director of the entrepreneurship guidance department of Chongqing university technical secondary school graduates employment guidance center, brought a special lecture with the theme of "innovation and upgrading edition, how colleges and universities contribute" to our school. More than 200 students and teachers took part in the activity.

By analyzing the reform process of national entrepreneurship policy, minister Xu gave students a preliminary understanding of the development process of entrepreneurship: "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is not only highly valued by the state, but also strongly advocated by the state. The country issued a few corresponding policies to groom talent, let more people devote oneself to the work. The university should set up more platforms for students to start their businesses, developing new positions, guiding college graduates to start their own businesses, responding to the education reform and development of the partnership between entrepreneurship and innovation, and carry out more courses on entrepreneurship, so as to integrate education with innovation and entrepreneurship.

At the same time, minister Xu also made some Suggestions to the teachers. He thought the teachers should give students more guided not guidance in their work, let students have more independent thinking time, to complete the design ideas, help students to establish consciousness, set up the correct world outlook, the outlook on life, values, to make knowledge into productivity, promote social and economic development, so that truly reflect the value of the business.


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