Leaders from science and technology bureau of Banan district came to our school to investigate the innovation and entrepreneurship park

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Interpreter: Yunqi SUN

This net(text/figure Innovation and entrepreneurship park Jia Xiong) At about 14:00 on April 9, Yan Yang, deputy director general of science and technology bureau of Banan district, Chongqing visited the innovation and entrepreneurship park of Nanquan campus, We will focus on popularizing policies to support the development of micro enterprises and innovation teams for college students. Jiandong Wang, director of enrollment and employment, Dongmei Xia, section chief of science and technology department, and Jia Xiong, instructor of innovation and entrepreneurship park led more than 30 student representatives to the meeting.

At the meeting, Haichao Long, director of science and technology innovation service center of Banan district, introduced in detail the science and technology support policy of Banan district, Chongqing, Focus on micro enterprises for college students to apply for becoming technology-based enterprises, enjoy cash subsidies and follow-up support policies, including state and urban level subsidies and preferential tax policies; Research and development innovation team how to obtain government funding support, as well as intellectual property protection knowledge. Deputy director Yan Yang stressed that the science and technology bureau of Banan district will vigorously support the growth of micro enterprises in colleges and universities in the future, while encouraging more college teachers and students to invest in research and development to promote the economic development of the whole district.

Director Jiandong Wang said, thanks to the good information from the science and technology bureau, the school will work with the science and technology bureau to create a good atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the development of micro enterprises for college students, encourage college students to innovate and start their own businesses through active promotion, and implement the policy popularization.


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