The 2017-2018 advanced employment recognition and employment promotion meeting for graduates of the class of 2019 was held smoothly

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This net (text 、figure/ Admission and employment office Qiuqing Ye ) At 11 a.m on April 10, The conference room on the 2nd floor of the administrative building of Nanquan campus of our school held the 2017-2018 academic year advanced employment commendation and employment promotion meeting for graduates of the class of 2019. Yeping Zhang, secretary of the party committee and executive vice President of the college, President, secretary of the secondary colleges, head of the employment section, counselor of the class of 2019, advanced individual of employment in 2018 and relevant staff of the enrollment and employment office, attended the meeting.

Employment advanced recognition decided by the player's place to read Jiandong Wang director, software institute, school of management was awarded the "employment advanced collective" honorary title, Min Ye, Menglin Xu, Pan Teng, Wei Wang, You Wu, Peng Lv, Shunjiang Liu, Hong Li, Tijin Gui, Ying Guo, Menglin Xu, Jun Yang 11 comrade was rated as "advanced individual of employment", among them, the software college employment coco long Pan Teng, management of college teachers Menglin Xu took office as a representative of the advanced experience sharing. Dabin Liu, deputy director of the recruitment department, proposed that the employment work in 2019 should focus on improving the signing rate of graduates, focusing on special groups, focusing on employment base signing activities, and establishing alumni chapters.

Yeping Zhang, party secretary of the school , put forward four requirements for the employment work in 2019. First, strengthen the special training of new counselors' employment work; Secondly, the relationship between teaching process and employment recommendation should be well handled to promote the employment contract rate to achieve periodic results. Third, pay attention to the recommendation of high-quality jobs, pay attention to the employment situation of special groups of students; Fourthly, strictly abide by the "three prohibitions" and "four prohibitions" stipulated by the ministry of education, do the detailed employment work, and complete the employment target successfully.


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