Our Teachers and Students won Many Awards in the 38th "Campus Spring" of Chongqing University Students

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(Interpreter: Xin Yu)

Our teachers Teachers and students Students won many Many awards Awards in the 38th "Campus Spring" of Chongqing University Students

This nNet news (article & 、 Picturephoto/School League Committee, Xueqi Jiang) s co-sponsored by Chongqing Propaganda Publicity Department, Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Chongqing Education Committee, Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League and Chongqing Student Federation., Tthe 38th chongqing Chongqing university University students Students "campus Campus springSpring" culture, art and sports series themed activities were held from march March to June 2019. Our teachers and students actively participated in various activities and won many awards.

In this activity, Qiucheng He, Kunbo Zhang, Hao Zhang, Long Zhang and Shijun Tao of our school university won the prize of original creative songs in the college students' original song contest of "New Era of Song Freeing", and Lin Qiu, the instructor, won the prize of excellent instructor in the college students' original song contest of "New Era of Song Freeing"; Yulong He, Hang Zeng, and Yue Zhu. Students were awarded the Excellent Award of the Volunteer Service Skills Competition of the "Volunteer Youth" in the Intellectual Expo; Zenghong Tan was awarded the third prize of the group of Wushu Undergraduate Colleges in terms of the practical ability of cadres in the League postspositions; in addition, our school university was awarded the Excellent Organizational Award of this activity by virtue of the enthusiasm of Teachers and students and excellent organizational performance.

It is hoped that the whole school will continue to carry forward the spirit of Chongqing institute Institute of engineeringEngineering, strive for excellence and innovation, actively participate in various activities and strive for success, showing the high level of ability and quality of teachers and students and the spirit of hard working.


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