Keqin Li, a Teacher of the Faculty of Electronic Information, won the Title of “Chongqing University Top Ten E&I Celebrities”.

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(Interpreter: Wanying Zhao)

Keqin Li, a teacher Teacher of the School Faculty of Electronic Information, won the title Title of “Chongqing University Top Ten Double E&I Celebrities”.

This nNet news (textArticle/map photo innovation Innovation and entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship park Park, Jia Xiong) On Sseptember 21st, 2019 Chongqing University's top ten E&I Celebrities"double creation" star selection final road show and award ceremony was held in Chongqing Institute of Science and Technology, our school iInnovation and entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship parkPark, electronics tutor Keqin Li of Electronic Information Faculty, the entrepreneurial tutor selected by the School of Information, was awarded the title of “Chongqing University Top Ten E&IDouble Celebrities” in 2019.

In recent years, Comrade Keqin Li deeply cultivated the E&Idual-creation work of our school university and achieved remarkable results in the guidance of students' innovation and entrepreneurship. The students he directed successfully established three companies and are currently operating in good condition. In addition, Comrade Keqin Li has served as tutoran instructor for over 500 times student double-generationE&I contests over 500 times and won 36 awards, including 5 national awards; he has directed 38 subject innovation competition and won 38 awards, including 10 national awards for school. Teacher Keqin Li has trained a large number of talents for the school our university and the society.

It is reported that since June this year, the Chongqing Education Development Foundation and the Municipal Higher Education Society in order to further stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurial vitality of teachers and students in colleges and universities, and created a good atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship, and jointly launched the “double innovationE&I” selection campaign. This activity is aimed at the teachers and students of colleges and universities in Chongqing, actively selecting breakthrough achievements in the development and promotion of new technologies, new products, new models, or individuals who have made significant achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship, and selected the top ten "double creationE&I" stars celebrities of colleges and universities in the year


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