In 2019 Faculty of Civil Engineering held the First Session of the Employment Special Lecture in the Mingjian Forum

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(Interpreter: Rui Ding)

In 2019 , the collegeFaculty of civil Civil engineering Engineering will holdheld the first First session Session of the employment Employment special Special lecture Lecture in the Ming jian forumForum

This nNet news (textArticle/picture Photo School Faculty of civil Civil engineering Engineering Yunying Mao)On In the afternoon of September 18th, the schoolFaculty of civil Civil engineering Engineering welcomed held the first lecture of the employment special lecture of "mingjian Mingjian forumForum" in 2019 -- "one One planningPlan, step Step by stepStep" career guidance lecture in the academic lecture hall of Nanquan campus. Min Zhong, deputy Deputy secretary Secretary of the party Party committee Committee and associate Associate professor Professor of the schoolFaculty of foreign Foreign languages Languages of Chongqing normal Normal universityUniversity, gave the lecture. All the students of the school Faculty of civil Civil engineering Engineering attended the lecture.

Associate professor Professor Min Zhong introduced nine important sections of career planning with "career Career nine Nine gridsPatch", and let people audience have a preliminary understanding of their career planning direction through on-site grading and interaction. By asking,  "which part of the nine houses patch do you want to move most? And so on question,will causes the classmate's deep ponderdrive the rest to change together.”

It is known that "Ming jian forumForum" is a comprehensive forum set up by the schoolFaculty of civil Civil engineering Engineering in November 2018. The forum aims to build a knowledge system that follows the trend of The Times and connects with the society for civil Civil engineering Engineering students. Associate professor Professor zhong minMin Zhong invited by this lecture is one of the first members of the national talent pool of innovation and entrepreneurship tutors of the Ministry of Education. , She who has in-depth research and practice in the field of career planning.

Long Li, secretary Secretary of the communist Communist party Party committee Committee of the college Faculty of civil Civil engineeringEngineering, said that the purpose of holding the "Ming seejian forumForum" employment special lecture is to strengthen students' cognition of personal career. As a career coaching technique, Scratchable latexnine-patch enables students to make clear their career positioning and constantly revise and improve themselves from the nine dimensions of Scratchable latexnine-patch.

Students have said, this lecture harvest is very bigwas very rewarding, and the real case cited by Professor Zhong teacher reference clock of real case will constantly remind them,  to learn and good at time, emotion and money management, emotion and money, face all the problems in coping with growththe future, thinking with rich temperature to feel and find their own the value of existence, think aboutto their own career plan ning for a comprehensive in-depth thinking, grow, and grow into the way what you wantthey want to be.


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