CQIE held the 2019-2020 Academic Year Student Assistant Job Fair

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(Interpreter: Ying Wu)

CQIE held the 2019-2020 Academic Year Student Assistant Job Fair

Net news (article/ Quality Education Center for College Students, Ting Niu, photos/ College Students' Press, Tian Tian) In order to improve the practical ability and comprehensive quality of college students, in the afternoon of September 18th, a bidirectional selection meeting for the recruitment of student assistants for 2019-2020 academic year was held in the hall of the college student service center of Nanquan campus.

Total of 846 student assistant positions were provided in this job fair, among which 23 student assistant teams of College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center and College Students Conference Management Service Center and other centers arranged exhibitions and participated in the recruitment work on the site.

The atmosphere of the site is very warm, and the students from different faculties consulted the positions they like, and completed the task of registration, application and interview. Mentors and student assistant team leaders from various functional departments were also on hand to talk to students, answering questions and helping applicants to find positions that fit their qualifications. It is reported that up to 5 PM, through the scene, WeChat Official Accounts and QQ group, more than 1200 students signed up for the application.

According to the introduction of Ting Niu, mentor of the University Student Quality Education Center, CQIE will carry on the selection according to the student registration situation, and will announce the admission result in the near future. The student assistants of each departments who are hired will start to work soon.


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