Excellent! The School of Electronic Information Has Won More Than 150 Awards This Year

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(Interpreter: Ying Wu)

Excellent! The School of Electronic Information Has Won More Than 150 Awards This Year

Net news (article/ The School of Electronic Information Shulin Zhou photo/ The School of Electronic Information Xiaoling Li) This year, the School of Electronic Information of our school has won a bumper harvest in the discipline skills competition, innovation and entrepreneurship competition, winning more than 150 awards in various competitions at the national, provincial and municipal levels. More than 1400 students participated in the competition, 606 winners, and 201 tutors participated in the competition. On December 13th, the school of electronic information held the 6th "originality • skill" skills competition summary and commendation conference in the academic lecture hall, selected and commended the outstanding team, skills competition talent, outstanding progress award, best potential award, excellent organization award and outstanding contribution award and other 12 advanced individuals. Deputy principal Changhua Cheng attended the meeting.

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According to introducing, electronic information institute took part in the national undergraduate electronic design contest this year, the national college students "Enzhipu" cup of smart car competition, "Datang cup" national college students' mobile technology competition, the national intelligence interconnection innovative applications design competition, China's "Internet plus" contest of college students' innovative entrepreneurial skills competition and other 13 subjects skills competitions and 12 innovation entrepreneurship competitions, among them, won 43 national awards, 24 provincial first prize, 83 second and third prizes.

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At the ceremony, Shaohua Xiong, the outstanding student representative, and Renyong Zhang, the outstanding advisor representative, shared their experiences in the competition.

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Dean of the school of electronic information Shibiao He pointed out that the students through various academic skills competition and innovation entrepreneurship competition promotes the application ability to generate. He hoped teachers around applied undergraduate talents training, in-depth study and practice, and construct a more reasonable and effective practice teaching system, strengthen the course construction, deepening the reform of undergraduate education and teaching, comprehensively improve the quality of personnel training. On the premise of laying solid foundation, we should build the characteristics of the college and discipline, lay a solid foundation for the coming undergraduate teaching qualification evaluation, and contribute to the goal of a first-class application-oriented technical university.

At the meeting, the school of electronic information also officially announced the establishment of smart transportation studio, electronic design and application studio, ICT technology home studio, optoelectronic core studio, AI innovation studio, intelligent manufacturing studio, innovation and entrepreneurship studio and other 7 innovation studios. It is reported that the school will use the seven studios as the basis to incubate high-quality competition teams and projects, and make further achievements in subsequent skill competitions, mass entrepreneurship and innovation competitions of various disciplines.


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