Our Students Won Prizes in the Seventh Contest of College Students' Innovation Again

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(Interpreter: Xin Wang )

Our Students Won Prizes in the Seventh Contest of College Students' Innovation Again

Net news (Article/Photo Innovation pioneer park Jia Xiong) On December 13th,the seventh contest of college students' innovative undertaking in Chongqing University in Chongqing Huxi Campus ended smoothly. Two teams from the school of electronic information of our university "Car accident intelligent alarm system" and "Gophone" won the third prize. Each team has received 10,000 yuan of start-up capital, our university and Chongqing University, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications and other ten universities jointly won the contest "prize of excellent organizational unit".

It is reported that the 7th college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Chongqing is hosted by Chongqing Education Commission, since launched in September this year, a total of 55 colleges and universities in the city and a total of 7744 teams competed, and hit a high record. Since the start of the competition, our school has organized 352 teams and 1760 students to participate in the competition. They have gone through the links of school competition, city competition network evaluation, city competition semi-final, city competition top 60 promotion, top 30 promotion and so on, and finally failed to win the top 12 promotion competition, which has achieved the best results since participating in the competition and show the best competitive style of our students.


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