Civil Engineering College in 2020 "Ming Jian Forum" Officially Began

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(Interpreter: Xin Wang)

Civil Engineering College in 2020 "Ming Jian Forum" Officially Began

Net news (articles /pictures Institute of civil news center Yiming Liu  Chan Gan) On the afternoon of May 20th, the school of civil engineering held the first lecture of 2020 "Ming Jian Forum" in the multi-function hall on the third floor of the civil engineering office building. Professor Hong Ren, the doctoral supervisor of engineering management of Chongqing University and studying in the UK, was invited to be the keynote speaker, and all the faculty and staff of the school of civil engineering attended.

With the theme of "what is the essence of scientific research?", this lecture explores the key issues in the development of the construction industry. Professor Hong Ren believes that the fundamental purpose of any scientific research is to open the internal mechanism of its "black box", and to use case analysis, numerical statistics and other aspects to fully elaborate its internal mechanism and solve the most essential and critical problems. Professor Ren emphasized that only conquer one research difficulty is the purpose of science, to promote school, industry and the development of human society.

After the lecture, executive dean Jiang Lei made a concluding speech. He proposed that this lecture is the first step of the college of civil engineering's plan to improve teachers' scientific research and teaching capacity in 2020, and more experts and professors will be invited to be the keynote speakers of the "Ming Jian Forum" in the future. Faculty members are encouraged to participate in a series of workshops to enhance their knowledge and vision of scientific research methods.


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