The Recruitment and Employment Office of Our School was Honored by the Municipal Education Committee

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(Interpreter: Xiaorong Wu)

The Recruitment and Employment Office of Our School was Honored by the Municipal Education Committee

Net news (recruit to place Dabin Liu) The enrollment and employment office of our school has made outstanding performance in various work in 2019, and has been praised by the municipal education commission (no. 3 [2020] of Chongqing teaching committee). Our school attaches great importance to graduate employment work, adhere to promote the cooperation between higher vocational colleges, the integration production and education "mode of talent training, adhere to the" five combined with five support "system of professional training, around the" high quality jobs and more full employment, "the goal, management system, improve the employment" employment guidance systematic, market development, standardization and employment recommendation normalized make-work precision digital, employment effect "five steps, 2019 graduate to achieve a higher quality and more full employment.

1. Systematic employment guidance

School counselors is established and professional teachers, secondary professional school employment with teaching and research section, college employment guidance center and quality education level 3 linkage, from professional quality, professional planning, professional skills, employment psychological, employment concept, interview skills of undergraduates' comprehensive guidance and tracking, build the "course teaching, seminar, professional competition, simulated recruitment, pair support, on the pre-service online autonomous learning platform" of "online and offline" employment guidance system, employment, entrepreneurship guidance done with organizations, teachers, syllabus, teaching material, credits, class hour, funds safeguard.

2. Market expansion and standardization

The university has formulated the management measures for the expansion of the job market, the classified management measures for the employment base, and the management measures for the recruitment of employers into the university, centering on the economic development strategy of Chongqing municipality, and taking advantage of the advantages of software and electronic information majors to expand the job market on the basis of professional norms.

3. Normalized employment recommendation

The school makes full use of enterprise recruitment group, graduate employment liaison group, "Chongqing Institute of Engineering Employment" We chat public account, employment website and other platforms to build a bridge between enterprises and students; We insist on inviting well-known enterprises to our school to carry out special recruitment every week, and the school's employment recommendation has become normal.

4. Precision of employment assistance

School drew up the class of 2019 employment difficult graduate support scheme, accurate inventory "job subsidies, family economic difficult students, students with disabilities, one's deceased father grind qualifications, underemployed, job-hopping students, graduate qualification examination unqualified students" and other recipients, accurate formulate support measures, from dry, in school, the school counselor, secondary school teacher carefully chosen to assist in the professionals, and establish the support parameter, ensure that don't fall in a student employment difficulty.

5. Employment assessment data

Establish data model by classification and strengthen employment process evaluation. In 2019, 12 data models, including the summary table of employment guidance, were established to clearly analyze the progress and effect of employment in various aspects.

Dabin Liu, deputy director of the recruitment and employment department, said that although the employment work of the school in 2020 was affected by the covid-19 epidemic, we will compress the responsibility at every level, pay attention to the process control, increase the investment in employment work, carefully manage the employment of students, and ensure the steady improvement of the employment effect this year.


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