In April, Teachers and Students Meet Again to Make a New Chapter-CQIE has Completed the Work of Returning to School

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(Interpreter: Wanying Zhao)

In April, Teachers and Students Meet Again to Make a New Chapter-CQIE has Completed the Work of Returning to School

Net news (Article/ Party Committee Propaganda Department Photo/ College Student Press Team Jiale Xie Xuchun Chen) The Chongqing Institute of Engineering in May was alive and well, the camphor trees were green, and the campus revived to welcome the family. The students of all grades of Chongqing Institute of Engineering returned to campus in batches, at different times safely and healthily. Starting from the 13th, the school has set up reception points at the North Square of Chongqing North Railway Station, Chongqing West Railway Station, and Nanping four kilometers to welcome students who rushed back to the school from all over the country. As of noon on the 19th, Chongqing Institute of Engineering successfully returned 11850 students, including 8001 students from Nanquan campus and 3849 students from Shuangqiao campus. For the arrival of this day, the school has prepared more than two months in advance, from repeated review of the management system to multiple revisions of the back-to-school program, from arranging the health status of students at home to checking various preparation facilities in the school, from carrying out outbreak prevention A series of meticulous work have witnessed the school's eager anticipation for the students to return to school safely and smoothly, from the emergency control drill to the preparation and distribution of epidemic prevention materials.


The first day back to school: the school is fully prepared to prepare students for class resumption

As the first barrier for school safety protection, the security department has specially set up a temperature measurement channel on the side of the school entrance. The security staff will take temperature measurements one by one for the students entering the school. The Logistics Department and Nanquan Hospital of Banan District sent ambulances to take students to the hospital for treatment. After professional testing, the students who have been ruled out of the COVID-19 are returned to the school for 14 days of isolation and observation.

The school cafeteria has made full preparations to welcome students to return to school one after another. The Sutang, Baiguyuan, and Sichang canteens of the Nanquan campus have been officially operated, and the basic meals are fully equipped. Canteens are divided into groups, and students who do not have one or two classes in the morning or three or four classes do not have classes. A "single cycle" signpost was also printed in the canteen, requiring everyone to follow the unified dining process and the direction of entry and exit. Teachers and students should maintain a distance of more than 1 meter during meals to prevent "face-to-face" meals and avoid close contact.

The apartment department also formulated new management measures for epidemic prevention and control. On April 26th, all boarding staff arrived on duty to conduct sanitary cleaning, epidemic prevention, disinfection, and ventilation inspections on the buildings they were responsible for. After returning to school, students are required to use the access card to swipe in and out. The trash bins in the corridor are collectively placed downstairs. The dormitory is sanitized and disinfected once a day.

The blue volunteers, the national flag guards, and the staff of the school guards day and night, from picking up the station to entering the dormitory, to ensure that the students returning to the school are safe and smooth.

Offline first class: Classroom teaching makes students feel cordial

As students returned to school one after another, all grades and colleges began to conduct offline classroom teaching. From the 19th, some classes in the sixth teaching building of Nanquan Campus have begun to take classes in the classroom. Since the epidemic prevention and control period is still in progress at this stage, the school has made detailed arrangements and deployments in the teaching area, and the number of students in each classroom is limited. Students are required to sit in the designated seats and maintain a distance of more than 1 meter from each other. Teachers and students wear masks throughout the class, and the classroom must be ventilated. The logistics department disinfects all teaching areas every day. For the classmates, it is very kind to return to the classroom after a long time. Zhou Xinghong, a fresh student of the School of Computer and Internet of Things 2018, said of his personal feelings: "It feels very kind in the classroom, and I don’t have to face anymore. It’s time for the computer. The online teaching method is indeed beneficial, but the learning atmosphere created on campus and the face-to-face interaction between teachers and students in the classroom are the experiences that can’t be obtained from online courses." Li Xiaoling, a 2017 student of the School of Electronic Information, talked about the obvious changes after the offline class: "In the past two days, I suddenly found that the students have become more active in class. Even the earliest class can be rushed to the classroom 20 minutes early. In the classroom. Everyone consciously wears a mask during the class. The teacher-student interaction in the classroom is good, the speech communication is more clear, and everyone’s enthusiasm for learning has been greatly improved. "

The teachers also made full preparations for the "first lesson back to school", and the professional marketing teacher Bo Zhao of the School of Management set the content of the "first lesson" in advance: "I chose to share some interesting cases in the class with my classmates. A way to enhance the fun of the classroom to cushion everyone’s discomfort during the first offline class. For me personally, I have adjusted my work status and am ready to greet the students with the best attitude." Yongqiang Ling, a civil engineering professional teacher at the School of Civil Engineering, took “epidemic education” as the learning theme of the “first lesson to return to school”, focusing on “scientific cognition, scientific precautions, awe of life, love of health, respect for rules, and gratitude”. Expanding, "As teachers, we want to make students more deeply impressed by epidemic prevention, integrate classroom teaching into the school's epidemic prevention and control work, and achieve 'firm confidence, solidarity, scientific prevention, and precise implementation." Yanan Qian, an automation professional teacher at the School of Electronic Information, specially prepared the equipment used for teaching. "In the previous online teaching, students could only watch teaching demonstrations from the video, and now they can finally use the actual objects, so I have to prepare in advance Good equipment for the class. As for how to take the first class offline, I don’t think I’m going to talk about many things at once. I still want everyone to have a process of adaptation and digestion. "

The students have returned to the school after a long absence, and returned to the classroom after many days. For the safety and health of teachers and students and the prevention and control of epidemic situations, the school will implement closed campus management, morning and afternoon inspections, and batch dining in accordance with the law. Offline teaching will also be carried out in an orderly manner. Let us strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, take the initiative to do our own protection, reorganize our moods and then set off, conscientiously invest in university study life, live up to our youth, write a new chapter of heavy industry with practical actions, and create new glory.


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