School of Electronic Information Held Students Back to School Work Deployment Meeting

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(Interpreter: Rui Ding)

School of Electronic Information Held Students Back to School Work Deployment Meeting

Net news (Article/Photo School of electronic information Xiawei Yuan) In order to promote the work of returning students to school and resuming classes in an orderly manner during the epidemic period, and to ensure that the prevention and control of the epidemic and the teaching work of the college are "Both Hands and Hands", on the afternoon of May 20th, the school of electronic information organized a deployment meeting for students to return to school and resume classes during the epidemic period, presided over by dean He Shibiao and attended by all the faculty and staff.

At the meeting, vice President Xinghong Jing made specific arrangements from the aspects of learning effect control, centralized supplementary arrangement, classroom organization, attendance management, homework submission, counseling and q&a, special case handling and academic help for students who did not return to school. He stressed the need to integrate online and offline teaching, requiring departments to "integrate online and offline, with both on-campus and off-campus coordination."

Junlong Ning, deputy secretary of the party branch, reported the general situation of students returning to school, and carefully interpreted the overall requirements of the school's epidemic prevention and control work and the process of emergency response. He pointed out that the focus of the college is to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. The faculty and staff of the college should take the overall situation into consideration, improve the discipline of epidemic prevention and control, improve the joint prevention and control mechanism, cooperate with each other to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control on campus, and ensure the smooth implementation of all teaching work.

In his concluding speech, Dean Shibiao He pointed out: first, the importance of epidemic prevention and control should be fully recognized. All the staff should improve their sensitivity, strengthen their sense of responsibility, political awareness, self-discipline and discipline, and strictly implement the provisions and requirements of the school. Second, we should make every effort to promote college employment, school-enterprise cooperation, and application for scientific research projects. Thirdly, it is necessary to evaluate the undergraduate teaching qualification, formulate the 2020 undergraduate talent training program, and build the integration of disciplines and specialties. He Shibiao also stressed that all the faculty and staff should have a pragmatic spirit, the whole school should form a game of chess, jointly create a harmonious and aspirant working environment, strive for early high-quality results, and support the future development of the college and the school.




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