The Leaders of CQIE Condolences Volunteers to Welcome Students Back to School

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(Interpreter: Yan Dai)

The Leaders of CQIE Condolences Volunteers to Welcome Students Back to School

Net news (Article/ Student Office Tao Huang Photos/ College Press Group Xuchun chen) On May 17th and 18th, the president Guoqing Gui, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Supervisory Commissioner Mingshu Tan, the Vice President Guohua Jiang, and Assistant President Jiandong Wang went deeply to the field to inspect the students’ return to school and visited the frontline staff and volunteers. Guoqing Gui and his entourage went to the school gate and the apartment check-in point to check the student admission process on the spot. The on-site staff organized the returning students through the designated area in an orderly manner to carry out identity scan code verification, body temperature measurement and anti-epidemic work President Gui fully affirmed the meticulous work of the on-site faculty, staff and volunteers, and told them to close the entrance of the school, do information verification and registration in accordance with relevant requirements, and ensure that students returning to school will resume their classes safely.

Mingshu Tan and his partners came to the reception points of Chongqing North Railway Station, Chongqing West Railway Station, and the four-kilometer bus station. When he learned that a counselor immediately participated in volunteer work as soon as the maternity leave was over, Secretary Tan repeatedly praised and said that they could take the school as their home and step forward at the critical moment of fighting the epidemic and returning to school, and firmly take the school back to school at one point, this spirit of dedication to everyone represents the spirit of the young teachers of CQIE in the new era. Secretary Tan emphasized that the school faculty and staff volunteered for volunteer services. Many party cadres rushed to the frontline of the campus epidemic prevention volunteer service to ensure the smooth and orderly return to school. As an ideological and political case, further education and guidance of CQIE students promote the spirit of “diligence, trustworthiness, refinement, and innovation”, and strive to grow into a newcomer of the times who can play a major role in national rejuvenation.

Guohua Jiang and his partners visited the reception points of Dazu South Railway Station, Dazu Bus Station, and Shuangqiao Campus respectively, thanking the frontline teachers and volunteers for their efforts and dedication in their work. At the same time, pay attention to your own safety, protect yourself, and encourage volunteers to make persistent efforts to successfully complete the work of returning students to the station.

Jiandong Wang and his party chatted cordially with students in the student's dorm room, instructing them to strictly abide by school regulations and school closed management regulations during the epidemic prevention and control period, strengthen personal protection and public health, and maintain a good study and living routine. Assistant Wang also conducted in-depth conversations on topics such as job applications that students care about, encouraging everyone to overcome the impact of the epidemic, adapt to the rhythm of returning to school as soon as possible, and start campus life with the best mental outlook.

During the visit, the school leaders thanked the frontline staff and student volunteers for their hard work and services, strictly implemented the prevention and control measures, and continued to do the re-entry work with heart and soul, and handed over the satisfaction in the “big test” of returning to school.





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