The Department of Digital Arts Held Epidemic Prevention and Control Training and Faculty Meeting

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(Interpreter: Chunling Ji)

The Department of Digital Arts Held Epidemic Prevention and Control Training and Faculty Meeting

Net news (Article/Photos The Department of Digital Arts Jian Sun)In order to do a good job in all the work after the students return to school, on the afternoon of May 18th, the Department of Digital held the epidemic prevention and control training and the faculty meeting of the whole Department, which all the faculty and staff of the department attended.

At the meeting, Jian Sun, director of the department’s office, conveyed the school’s work requirements on epidemic prevention and control, focusing on the teacher-student management plan and emergency response measures during the epidemic prevention and control period. Zhou Yang, the employment department, reported the latest data of the recent employment work of the college, analyzed the employment situation of graduates during the epidemic prevention and control period, and asked the whole college to work together to do a good job of graduate employment assistance. Xiaoling Zhang, the research specialist, conducted special training on the operation of the school teachers’ research platform.

Fei Yang, vice president of the department, reported on the working idea of “integration of production, teaching and research” from strengthening scientific research and industrial planning and development. He pointed out that in the year of 2020, the department will further promote “integration of production and teaching”, and realize the development of “integration of school and enterprise” with the theme of improving scientific and technological innovation and social service ability. Vice President Taowen Zhuang made arrangements on how to do a good job in education and teaching, Graduate Employment and re-entry preparation for epidemic prevention and control normalization. He stressed that it is necessary to further clarify the time nodes of all teaching work of the college, and each department should do a good job in online and offline teaching after the start of school, so as to ensure that students learn “continuously”.

Xiaohui Xu, Secretary of the general Party branch, gave a special training on the theme of “how we should play a role in the war of resistance against epidemic”, analyzed the epidemic situation of all countries in the world and the overall situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control, and summarized the remarkable achievements of China’s epidemic prevention work. She proposed that the teachers of the college should clarify their work responsibilities from the national, school and personal levels, improve their political positions, strictly enforce the discipline of epidemic prevention work, conduct joint prevention and control, cooperate with each other, resolutely win the campus epidemic prevention and interdiction war, and successfully complete all the work of the school.

Finally, Kaifu Yang, Dean of the department, made a summary speech. First of all, Yang expressed his gratitude to all the staff for seriously completing all the work of the department during the epidemic. At the same time, it is also required that the department should do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and the work of the center of the department in an all-round way, so as to achieve  ”two hands”, adjust the work focus and response measures according to the time and situation, and ensure the orderly promotion and efficient operation of all objectives and tasks of the department.


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