Software Institute Carried Out 2020 Graduate Thesis (Design) Defense Work

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(Interpreter: Fajin Chang)

Software Institute Carried Out 2020 Graduate Thesis (Design) Defense Work

Net news (article/photo software institute Yuanqiong Li) On May 24th, Software Institute 2020graduate thesis (design) defense work was held in the sixth teaching building 3 floor and 4 floor classroom. This defense is divided into 34 defense groups. Among them there are 32 school groups, 2 school-enterprise cooperation unit groups. Meanwhile, The College also engaged 34 business experts from outside the school to participate in the defense work. Each panel consists of 2 full-time teachers and 1 off-campus professional expert.

In order to improve the quality of defense, the college held a special training meeting on the defense of graduation thesis (design) in 2020 before the defense of graduation thesis, and arranged the related matters of defense of graduation design in detail, and asked all the guidance teachers to do a good job in the quality control of thesis. On graduation thesis defense site, students asked dress code and carefully prepared. In the course of the defense, the students introduced in detail the design meaning, development background, requirement analysis, design, coding, and completion deficiency of the project, and demonstrated the project. The respondent judges put forward 2-3 questions about the content of the student's thesis (design) and asked the respondent students to answer it on the spot. At the same time, the defense judges will also comment on the shortcomings of the paper guidance, proposed corresponding amendments. Finally, the judges of each respondent group discuss and evaluate the students’ paper quality and on-site defense performance, and evaluate the final results.

Under the high attention of the college leaders and the serious organization of the school practice training center, the thesis (design) defense work was successfully completed, which effectively tested the four-year learning results of the 2020 graduate university, and also provided them with a practical platform, which is conducive to improving professional quality and comprehensive ability, and improving the quality of talent training and teaching quality of the college.


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