The Graduation Design (Thesis) Defense of 2020 Undergraduate Program Went Smoothly

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(Interpreter: Xin Wang)

The Graduation Design (Thesis) Defense of 2020 Undergraduate Program Went Smoothly

Net news (articles /pictures Academic affairs office Jinbo Zhang)From May, the graduation project (thesis) defense of 2020 has been successfully launched, which will last until June 7th. On May 23rd and 24th, 1623 students were organized by the college of Computer and Internet of Things, The College of Digital Art, the College of Software and other second-level colleges for the on-site defense, and 32 experts from off-campus enterprises were invited to participate in the graduation defense. The whole defense site organization standard orderly, school leaders to the defense site, the defense work of supervision and inspection.

In epidemic prevention and control of special times this year, our school in strict accordance with the municipal education commission and the prevention and control work demands, the safety and health of the teachers and students in the first place. The defense work adopts the combination of on-site defense and online defense, on-campus defense and off campus defense. Among them, the School of Management and the School of Civil Engineering organized 30 defense teams with a total of 1079 students to conduct online defense through Ding Talk and Tencent Meeting. Software institute organized a total of 27 students in the 2 groups were at the scene of the virtual enterprises for reply.

Institute of computer and Internet defense field

Defense of Digital Arts College

Software College enterprise Defense scene


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