Our School Held the Chinese College Students Computer Design Competition Organizing Work Coordination Meeting

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(Interpreter: Ying Wu)

Our School Held the Chinese College Students Computer Design Competition Organizing Work Coordination Meeting

Net news (article/ photo/Office of Academic Affairs Dang Yang) The Chongqing Municipal Computer Design Competition of 2020 will be held in our university on June 21st. This competition is sponsored by the Organizing Committee of Chongqing Municipal Computer Design Competition and Chongqing Computer Society, and undertaken by our university. On the afternoon of May 27th, the university held the Chongqing Municipal Competition Undertaking Coordination Meeting of 2020 China College Student Computer Design Competition. Assistant Zhou and assistant Yang attended the meeting. Big data and artificial intelligence institute, institute of computer and Internet, software institute, college of electronic information, digital art institute, institute of civil engineering and other secondary dean, tournament director, office, logistics department, propaganda department, the network information center, infrastructure, head of the defense department also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the Office of Academic Affairs introduced the nature, content and object of the competition in detail, and made a key explanation on the organization and schedule of the competition. It also formulated selection criteria for the student organizations and works registered in our school, and made clear the division of labor during the competition. Comprehensive coordination group is responsible for drafting and overall coordination work, such as competition group is responsible for the selection of team training, organization participating teams to guide teachers, such as work, technical services is responsible for the operational site structures, and on-site technical problems of processing work, the propaganda team responsible for the scene of the game videotape and news reports, logistics group is responsible for the food and beverage, health, electricity we, the campus traffic order, etc.

Finally, Assistant Yang made a summary speech. She stressed the importance of organizing the competition and put forward requirements. First, the Academic Affairs Office should take the lead in organizing the competition and coordinate with the organizer and relevant departments in the school. Second, all departments and secondary colleges cooperate with each other, carefully organize and undertake this competition with high quality, which highlights the management level and appeal of our school. Third, the relevant second-level colleges should hold the mobilization meeting of our guidance teachers and competitors in time to do a good job in the preliminary training and strive for more excellent results.


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