Our School Holds the Second "Heavy Industry Forum" in 2020

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(Interpreter:Xin Yu)

Our School Holds the Second "Heavy Industry Forum" in 2020

In the afternoon of May 30th, the second "heavy industryCQIE forumForum" of Chongqing Institute of Engineering sponsored by the quality education center was held by Tencent online classroom. The theme of this lecture is "how to improve your competitiveness by speaking". More than 5000 teachers and students watched it through online participation. Lu Wenli, founder of China happiness coach and best-selling writer, was invited to be the keynote speaker.

Mr. Lu Wenli started around "how to speak". He drew the importance of correct expression from his experience in daily life, and stressed that "what kind of people say what kind of words, his life is said, weand we should learn to say the right words in the right situation". Teacher Lu also takes took the scene pattern in daily life as an example, and puts forward the view that the focus of good communication lies in "listening" and "expressing". She believes that good listening and expression can leave a good impression on others and help to get more opportunities in life and in the workplace. Finally, teacher Lu encourages encouraged students to say "no" bravely through interactive games, and to learn to express the key points in the right way. In order to stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for learning, Mr. Lu made a lottery during the live broadcast, and the winning students will receive Mr. Lu's signature works.

After the lecture, teachers and students of the school asked Mr. Lu some questions about how to improve his emotional quotient in life through online message. The participating students said that they learned the skills of how to say good words through the lecture, which is conducive to improving their emotional quotient, future workplace social ability and competitiveness.


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