The School Held the 2020 "100-Day Sprint" Promotion Meeting for Graduate Employment

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(Interpreter: Yan Dai)

The School Held the 2020 "100-Day Sprint" Promotion Meeting for Graduate Employment

Net news (Article/ Recruitment Office Jun Yang Photos/ College Press Group Yimou Yuan) In response to the "100-day sprint" action for the employment of 2020 college graduates by the Ministry of Education, and to promote the employment of 2020 graduates in our school, at 15:00 on June 3rd, the fifth conference room of the school held the 2020 "Sprint" promotion meeting. Yeping Zhang, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive deputy principal of the school, party branch secretary, employment section chief, graduate counselor, and employment guidance center of all secondary colleges attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dabin Liu, deputy director of the Department of Recruitment and Employment.

The meeting first commended the "advanced individuals in employment" and "advanced groups in employment" in the 2018-2019 academic year. Secretary Yeping Zhang expressed congratulations and gratitude to the advanced individuals and groups on behalf of the school, and personally gave 12 advanced individuals such as Jian Xie and electronic information. Two advanced collectives of the college and the management college awarded certificates and bonuses.

Liu Dabin, deputy director of the Department of Admissions and Employment, passed the overall employment status, employed status, unemployed status, employment status of special hardship groups, employment and signing status of colleges and specialties, enrollment of college graduates, and entrepreneurship by May 31st. The statistical analysis of a large number of data such as guidance and recruitment conditions pointed out that the employment of 2020 graduates of our school is still facing great pressure, and the employment situation is severe and complicated. With the help of the "100-day sprint" action, according to the current actual situation, Deputy Director Liu recommended from employment and Detailed arrangements and requirements have been made for employment assistance, employment agreement collection, employment authenticity return visits, employment information update and submission, employment program review, employment promotion measures, employment file standards, and employment promotion before and after graduation. Ensure that the "100-day sprint" action is effective.

Yeping Zhang, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive vice president of the school, deeply analyzed the superimposed impact of factors such as the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and the increasing downward pressure on the global economy. The serious and complicated employment situation of graduates in 2020 will pose some problems for teachers in employment. Answered the question, and made it clear that our school's 2020 graduates' employment goals and tasks will not be reduced. Finally, Secretary Zhang made five demands on the employment "100-day sprint" campaign initiated by the Ministry of Education, combined with the reality of school employment work. First, he must always abide by the red line of "three prohibitions and four disapprovals." Do real job employment for graduates; Second, all employees participate in the employment work, form a joint force, multi-party linkage, and insist on advancing; Third, strengthen guidance, focus on personality, and actively expand employment channels, especially the recruitment of military enlistment, the Western Plan, and the three First aid and other projects, pay special attention to the effect of employment information push; fourth, precise help, especially 512 graduates of special difficulties groups, do practical and detailed work, personalize customized help measures, implement underemployment, ensure 100% employment; Fifth, it is necessary to closely combine employment recommendation with the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, do a good job in and out of school management for graduates, and carefully do graduate employment and health concerns.



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