Digital Art College Held a Symposium for Graduates of the 2020 Class

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(Interpreter: Rui Ding)

Digital Art College Held a Symposium for Graduates of the 2020 Class

Net news (Article/Photo School of Digital Art JingZhou)On the evening of June 4th, Digital Art College organized and held a symposium for the graduating class of 2020 through QQ network conference. Members of the leadership team of the college, all members of the Employment Department, students' engineering, internship and training center, office and 35 graduate student representatives from each major of 2020 attended the meeting.

Symposium, graduate student representatives spoke enthusiastically, expressed his Alma mater, teachers, classmates and feeling of gratitude, also shared his study in the college, scientific research, contests, students cadres and gains in life and comprehension, and combined with their college experience, to the school teaching, management, put forward opinions and suggestions on teaching facilities, etc.

Conference, party secretary said Xiaohui Xu classmates speak very wonderful let oneself "has feeling very much, very inspired," Xu thanked on behalf of the college graduates of the school of understanding and tolerance, also thanked the students for college education teaching development putting forward valuable opinions and suggestions, he also wanted that the students could continue to do the disease protection, such as the outbreak after his visit, looking forward to the next CQIE campus together.

Finally, Dean Yang Kaifu sent a message to the graduating class of 2020. First of all, he congratulated the students on their successful completion of their studies and thanked them for the honors they had won for the school as well as their care and support for the school's construction and development. In addition, Dean Yang also hopes that students will continue to care about the development of the Alma Mater, study and practice seriously in any position that can sharpen their own skills, constantly improve their comprehensive quality and ability, realize the value of life, and win glory for the Alma mater.


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