Shuangqiao Campus Held the Teaching Work Summing-up Meeting and "A Wonderful Lesson" Commendation Meeting

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(Interpreter: Qingqing Tian)

Shuangqiao Campus Held the Teaching Work Summing-up Meeting and "A Wonderful Lesson" Commendation Meeting

Net news (article/picture Shuangqiao campus teaching affairs Office Jiali Yang) May 27th afternoon, Shuangqiao campus held the teaching work summary meeting and "a wonderful lesson" teaching competition commendation meeting. The meeting was held in room 107 of Shuangqiao Campus teaching building. Yijue Zhang, deputy director of Teaching Affairs Office, presided over the meeting. Wei Yan, deputy director of Management Committee of Shuangqiao Campus, director of Teaching affairs Office and vice President of College of General Education attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the head of mathematics, foreign language, humanities, ideological and political science, physical education and physical Education department of Shuangqiao Campus will make a summary and report on the online teaching in the first 12 weeks of this semester. On the whole, each teaching department selects an appropriate online teaching platform according to the teaching outline and teaching schedule and the characteristics of the course. Through the teaching form of live broadcast and recorded broadcast, video, voice, text and other interactive ways, it can ensure the teaching quality and at the same time better complete the online and offline teaching bridging task. At the same time, each teaching department also carefully considered how to combine online teaching and offline teaching organically in the follow-up work, so as to promote the "mixed" teaching mode.

After the work report, a commendation meeting for "A Wonderful Lesson" teaching competition was held, in which Nan Zhang of Physics teaching Department of Shuangqiao Campus won the first prize, Lingyan Zhang of physical education Department and Jie Peng of mathematics teaching Department won the second prize respectively, and Jiwei Zheng, Wenlu Rui, Yunqiu Li and Yirong Wang won the third prize. In the commendation meeting, Jie Peng Shared her teaching design ideas, teaching techniques and the role of teaching department in self-improvement with the title of "Advancing Together with One Heart and One Mind". Through videos, Lingyan Zhang shared her understanding of online teaching, platform selection strategies, teaching design ideas and ways to integrate into curriculum thinking and politics.

In the end, Yan Wei, vice dean of General Education, made a summary speech. First of all, he made a brief review of the online teaching in the first 12 weeks of the semester and affirmed the work and achievements of the teaching departments and teaching teams. At the same time, Yan also stressed: First, the reform of teaching form has been carried out in an all-round way, online teaching will become an important part of the teaching form; Second, "learning" and "innovation" will become the key words of higher education reform. Blended teaching mode gives us more research opportunities. Third, in the growth of teachers, "will" is more important than "can"; Fourth, to take the initiative out of the comfort zone, teachers can continue to progress.


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