Dezhi li the line of research, Guide the Construction of Campus to Build Campus

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(Interpreter: Xin Wang)

Dezhi li the line of research, Guide the Construction of Campus to Build Campus

Net news (articles/pictures Shuangqiao Campus Comprehensive Office Yulin Wang) In order to improve the school conditions of Shuangqiao School district and create better working, studying and living conditions for teachers and students, On June 15th, The school director Dezhi Li made a special trip to Shuangqiao Campus to investigate and guide the campus construction work, accompanied by the principal Guoqing Gui, the Deputy secretary of the Party Committee and the executive vice President  Yeping Zhang, and the principal assistant Qigui Tan.

In the afternoon, after Dezhi Li and his delegation arrived at Shuangqiao campus, they first carefully listened to the work report of the management committee of the campus on improving the school conditions of Shuangqiao Campus. According to the requirements of undergraduate teaching qualification assessment and the infrastructure construction plan of Shuangqiao Campus, and in combination with the actual educational and teaching needs of Shuangqiao Campus, vice President Guohua Jiang reported in detail the construction work of the campus, such as the construction of the new wind basketball court, the construction of the activity center for college students and the innovation center for college students.

After the report, the school leaders also conducted field visits and on-site guidance on the key projects to be built in Shuangqiao Campus.

Subsequently, Dezhi also participated in the faculty seminar held by the build campus organizations, with a total of 20 build campus staff representative to attend. During the meeting, the delegates’ school development and operation management and other issues put forward opinions and suggestions. After listening to all the speeches, Li said that the school has always put the service of teachers and students in the first place. According to the ideas and suggestions put forward by all the students, relevant departments will study carefully and put forward effective solutions as soon as possible.




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