Seminar on Professional Education and Outstanding Learning Experience of the Civil Engineering Institute

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(Interpreter: Siying Xu)

Seminar on Professional Education and Outstanding Learning Experience of the Civil Engineering Institute

This net news (articles/pictures Civil Engineering Institute Linjing Liu) On the evening of April 15th, the College of Civil Engineering held a conference on 2020 students' professional education and outstanding students' experience sharing. Heping Tang, Vice-Secretary of the Party General Branch of the College, Jinneng Wang, the Subdean, heads of all departments, counsellors and more than 600 students of 2020 attended.

After the exchange meeting, Heping Tang put forward the request from four respects: moral, faith, ambition and standing to the students, hope everyone can set up the goal of struggle as soon as possible and make plans for studies during college.

Representatives of outstanding students of of grade 18: Jie Xia, major in civil engineering specialty, Yige Zhang, major in engineering cost specialty and Zhuang Tan, major in environmental art design specialty respectively entitled ' Live your dream and dream your life', 'striving for excellence and being qualified cost person' and' striving for irreversibility, hot blood and youth' to share their experience of learning, work, interpersonal communication and after-school life with on-the-spot  students, hoping that everyone can start from reality in three aspects of being human, doing things and learning, so as to learn to think and seek truth from facts.

After the exchange meeting, the students attended a seminar on student cadre representatives as well as exchanged views on academic planning and selection management of student cadre. Collegiate teachers visited the student dormitory at Shuangqiao campus to learn more about students' studies and life.
On the morning of April 16th, faculty members of the College of Civil Engineering introduced the situation of majors to the representatives and solved the problems of studying, studying, and living everyone cares.

It is known that this sharing exchange is an important part of the civil engineering college's professional education work, hoping that through face-to-face exchange, students will have a clearer understanding of the industry, career planning and employment direction, strengthen their own sense of belonging, study hard in the next life and bloom youth radiance.


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