The School of Electronic Information Holds a Seminar on Teaching Situation Analysis in the First Quarter of 2021

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(Interpreter: Meiling Ying)

The School of Electronic Information Holds a Seminar on Teaching Situation Analysis in the First Quarter of 2021

Net news (articles/pictures School of Electronic Information Lianqi Huang) On April 19th, the School of Electronic Information organized a seminar on teaching situation analysis in the first quarter of 2021. The dean Shibiao He, Secretary of the General Party Branch Siyu Tan, Vice dean Xinghong Jing, Chengrui Chen and other department heads attended the seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to further standardize the undergraduate teaching management, promote the standardization of teaching management, and enhance the connotation of talent training in the college.

At the meeting, Xinghong Jing, vice dean of the College of Electronic Information, firstly reviewed the problems existing in the last semester and gave a brief explanation on the current rectification situation. He said that since the beginning of this semester, the teaching task arrangement of the college has been put in place and the teaching situation of the teachers is normal as a whole. The person in charge of each major combined with their own actual situation, focused on the report of this semester's teaching operation, laboratory management system, operation and management of experimental equipment, the basic situation and the main problems of graduation design and graduation practice, in view of the existing problems were analyzed, and put forward the corresponding rectification measures.

After the meeting, the site participants have expressed that the teaching situation analysis meeting held for the next work arrangement of the college has a certain necessity. The meeting focuses on the outstanding problems existing in the teaching operation, the reason analysis is specific, and the rectification measures are reasonable. College leaders also asked the heads of all departments to attach great importance to the issues raised at the meeting and to pay close attention to their implementation after the meeting. The teaching administration department of the college should strengthen the management and ensure the teaching with high quality and high efficiency.


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