Shuangqiao Campus Held a Forum on Teachers' Work of Professional Basic Teaching Department

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(Interpreter: Wanying Zhao)

Shuangqiao Campus Held a Forum on Teachers' Work of Professional Basic Teaching Department

Net news (Article/ Picture Jiali Yang, College of general education) On the afternoon of April 20th, Shuangqiao campus organized a teachers' Forum of professional basic teaching department, which was presided over by Yijue Zhang , deputy director of Shuangqiao campus teaching affairs office, Guohua Jiang, vice president and director of Shuangqiao Campus Management Committee, Wei Yan, deputy director of Shuangqiao Campus Management Committee and deputy director of general college, deputy secretary of general Party branch of Shuangqiao campus Jian Sun, director of Student Affairs Office of Shuangqiao campus, and all the teachers of secondary college in Shuangqiao attended the meeting.

In the first stage of the conference, the teachers focused on the dormitory problems, the old multimedia equipment and teaching computers, and the continuing education hours of teachers in Shuangqiao. After that, Yijue Zhang trained the teachers participated in the conference on teaching behavior standards, and informed them of the dimensions of routine teaching inspection and the current inspection situation. Wei Yan supplemented the relevant requirements of teaching, and stressed that the problems of life and work should be communicated in time and at any time, and the relevant standards of the school should be implemented in teaching. In the third stage of the meeting, Jian Sun specially communicated and exchanged with you on the related matters of the campus's teaching assistant linkage work and trade union activities.

Finally, Vice President Guohua Jiang made a concluding speech. He stressed that in the face of the critical period of "welcoming the evaluation", the whole school should make clear the objectives, work together, strictly abide by the teaching behavior norms in the daily teaching process, set a good example for students, and then cultivate students' good behavior habits, so as to lay a solid foundation for their study and life during the University.


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