The College of Electronic Information Invited Experts to Guide the Undergraduate Teaching Qualification Evaluation

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(Interpreter: Heli Zhang)

The College of Electronic Information Invited Experts to Guide the Undergraduate Teaching Qualification Evaluation

Net news (article/ picture the College of Electronic Information Jinqiong Li) On March 3rd, Yongyue Chen, the evaluation expert, Jue Zhao, the director of the evaluation office, and others went to the College of Electronic Information to conduct research and on-site guidance on the undergraduate teaching. Shibiao He , the dean of the College of Electronic Information, Siyu Tan, the secretary, Xinghong Jing, the vice dean of teaching, Jinqiong Li , the head of the Academic Affairs Section, and others attended the special event.

Yu Zhao first introduced the basic situation of Yongyue Chen, and introduced all the staff of the College of Electronic Information to Yongyue Chen, explaining that the purpose of this activity is to understand the problems or doubts existing in the teaching evaluation work of the school. Yongyue Chen said that the purpose of this trip was to understand the real situation of secondary colleges and the specific difficulties and confusions encountered by secondary colleges in the work of welcoming evaluation and promoting construction. Shibiao He briefly introduced the basic situation of the Electronic Information College , reported the overall student teacher ratio of the Institute, the existing teacher gap, and the unbalanced teaching ability of the teachers; Problems in experimental teaching; Problems in teaching standardization and rectification; Summary of the preliminary characteristics of talent training; The perplexities in the process of talent training program and curriculum syllabus system. Yongyue Chen timely inquired about relevant questions, answered relevant questions on the spot, read a professional talent training program and a class examination paper on the spot, explained the problems that should be paid attention to in talent training, and questioned several suggestions in the talent training program. He required that the ability training mentioned in the talent training program should be supported by courses, Effective evidence is needed to support this statement. She highly affirmed the standardization of the examination papers and related archived materials. In the process of communication, the leaders of the college and Yongyue Chen had the same understanding on many issues and formed resonance.

Yongyue Chen, with his rich experience in teaching management, highly responsible spirit, superb knowledge in teaching evaluation, and amiable attitude, answered the confusion raised by the college, which inspired all the relevant personnel involved in the activity and inspired them to admire. This activity will play a great role in promoting the evaluation and construction of the college.


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