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Science And Research Project

Chongqing Institute of Engineering consistently insists on the school-running mode of “university-enterprise cooperation and production-education combination”, and gives full play to the advantages of enterprise-run school. Technology serves for industries and enterprises to promote the local development of economic and social.

About the scientific and technological work, the institute focuses on highlighting characteristics of industry, relying on the Zhengda Software Group and IT industry, to meet the needs of local economic development, serving the local economic construction, making the organic combination of industry and local, to come true coordinated development. College actively organize teachers to serve the community and the local economy, participating in industry, enterprise technology development, marketing, technical services, consulting and decision-making achievements. In the past five years, there is a total of nearly 100 lateral projects and funding of more than 15 million yuan in institute. Institute relies on Zhengda Software Group in the study of transverse project industrialization, such as online game series “burning day”, the IOS game “Jian Ji”, “moving dream 3G mobile games”, “90 backstreet electronic mall”, medical software systems, internet of things intelligent household and so on, which has obtained good effect.、

In the construction of science and technology research platform, institute has a municipal maker space, ground area of 17,000 square meters, with a perfect one-stop service platform for innovation and enterpreneurship, supporting facilities; with the municipal science and technology research and development platform “Digital Television and New Media Engineering Research Center”, realizing the all process integration of digital television technology from research and development to achievements transformation; with chinese culture animation research and development center, which has applied for the municipal science base; setting up university innovation team building programs and college students innovation and entrepreneurship training program, and providing funding for students to carry out the innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2015 the students in institute won 3 national scientific research project, and 10 municipal project. During the twelfth five-year plan, institute received a total of 47 patents and software copyrights, 125 copyrights, and 149 scientific research projects, including 69 longitudinal research projects (above city-level), and keep increasing year by year. The construction of science and technology service platform produced results.

Students are encouraged to participate in research projects, to enhance students' scientific and technological innovation. In the past two years there are more than 2000 students to participate in the development and production under the guidance of the teacher, including software development, website, business management system, internet games and the 3D animation, etc. Students has learned knowledge, improved and growth ability.

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